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Major component of Spring Sing departs for Chile
Written by Chaney Mitchell | The Bison   
Monday, 19 March 2012 11:09

Heading for the South American country of Chile on Thursday, March 1, faculty and students headed for Harding University in Latin America with a rather different entourage from the usual international program, taking with them Spring Sing producer Cindee Stockstill, a documentary team with cameras at the ready and they were all followed closely by none other than President David B. Burks.


Burks used his spring break to visit the HULA program for the week, joining them on their trip to the southern part of Chile to the Patagonia region.


This was Dr. Burks second trip to the Chile program. Last time he visited was eight years ago when the program was started.


While Dr. Burks will only be there a week he hopes to able to have some mingle time with the students.


“I’m only there a few days for the most part, so it’s hard to get to know them very well, but as much as possible I do try to visit with the students,” Burks said.


Junior Sophie Thompson, a student who is attending HULA, said she felt “nervous” but “kind of honored he would choose to spend time with [them].”


The director of Spring Sing, Dr. Steven Frye, said is feeling Cindee Stockstill’s absence, as she is his right hand in the planning process of Spring Sing.


The team has known that Stockstill would be away since the early part of the fall semester and had to bring in two people for outside help to fill Stockstill’s shoes.


According to Frye, recent Harding graduates Jordan Dollins and Megan West have both been hired part time to help fill those shoes. West will be taking over as stage manager, a major job usually overseen by Frye, but Frye said he will now have time to focus on other aspects of the production process.


“It takes two people to replace Cindee, at least, and three if you count me in that mix,” Frye said.


Stockstill will be flying back to Harding for 10 days within the final four weeks before Spring Sing to be a part of finishing touches, said Frye.


There was talk of streaming the show to Stockstill while she is in Chile, but Frye said that is no longer part of the plan at the moment since copyright costs would be a major expense for the show.


This semester’s HULA group is also playing host to Harding graduate Mark Slagle, who will be documenting the students’ journey for the semester for the International Programs office to showcase for interested students. Slagle has worked on previous international program documentaries at HUF and HUG. Students said they were excited for the chance to be a part of the videos that have been put together for other programs.


The HULA students get a late start on the semester because of the summer traffic that Vina del Mar receives, which is where the students live for the semester. According to the International Programs office, the delay is for practical purposes since travel becomes easier and the number of people in Vina del Mar lessens. According to freshman Logan Keim, the students on their classwork before they left for Chile so that they would not get behind.


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