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Video: 'Man of the Villa': Cat teaches HUF students life lessons
Written by Stephen H Goodale   
Monday, 22 March 2010 16:42
There is an old saying that every house needs a pet. The Villa of Harding University in Florence, Italy, is no exception.
Click the video below to meet Zeus and see why he is such an integral part of the Villa.

Zeus is a 16-year-old gray tabby. He joined the HUF staff in 1994 and brought a solution to a growing problem: mice infestation.


"We had a terrible mice problem," HUF Co-Director Ramona Shackelford said. "They were gross because they would get in the cereals."


Besides playing the part of exterminator, Zeus handles other roles around the Villa. HUF student Beck Martin said Zeus likes to keep the beds warm, but it's not something that all students like.


"The one thing that is kind of annoying is that he likes to sleep on the beds," Martin said.


Shackelford said she thinks Zeus plays the part of professor because he teaches tolerance of those who are different, adding that he sleeps on the beds of students that dislike him most.


"It's just to show them that you have to loosen up a little bit in life and accept those people that are different from you are," Shackelford said.


Zeus is viewed in most minds that call the Villa home as the "man" of the house.


"When students complain about him, I say, 'I'm sorry, this is his house. You are just visiting,'" Shackelford said.

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