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Video: 'Man of the Villa': Cat teaches HUF students life lessons
Written by Stephen H Goodale
There is an old saying that every house needs a pet. The Villa of Harding University in Florence, Italy, is no exception.
HUF: Smart Shopping
Written by Abby J Kellett

For students studying abroad in Italy, Florence offers the thrill of Italian music, food and, most importantly for some, shopping. There are two main markets in Florence: the Piggy Market and the San Lorenzo Market. On opposite sides of town, each has something to offer. Here are some finds, tips and opinions about the markets from one Link reporter.


Learning at HUF starts with a cappuccino
Written by Abby J Kellett

Harding University in Florence is actually located just outside the epic Florentine city in a small town called Scandicci. Named after a certain type of rock first noted in that area of Tuscany, Scandicci has a town square that hosts a large orange library, more than a few shops, and Mario’s.
HUF tour guide remains inspired by city
Written by Michelle Cascio and Kimberly Kokernot

Watch the video above to hear HUF tourguide Cindy Nesti talk about her reactions to seeing art marvels everyday, working with the HUF students and what how she feels about her job.

FLORENCE, ITALY - Florence has been a canvas for artists who painted and chiseled their way into history.


From Michaengelo’s David to the detailed façade of the Duomo, students studying at HUF are surrounded by art as they walk down the cobblestone streets, past churches and into the museums of the historic city.


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