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Gabrielle Pruitt speaks with a merchant at the Scandicci market to hear his story about the secret recipe for his Brigidino dessert. The sweet is a sort of thin chip that tastes like cake.
Brigidino: A secret in Scandicci
Written by Gabrielle Olivia Pruitt

FLORENCE, ITALY — Some merchants in the Scandicci market have a secret that has been passed down throughout their family for 40 years.  It’s a recipe for a special dessert called Brigidino, a type of sweet-tasting thin chips that actually tastes like a cake.


While perusing the streets of the Scandicci market, one can find all kinds of interesting items and people, especially a few merchants who had quite the story to tell involving their specialty called Brigidino.


Florence Church of Christ hosts women’s retreat
Written by Penelope Cronk and Sammi Bjelland

The ladies of the Florence Church of Christ hosted a nation-wide women’s retreat Friday and Saturday, March 5-6, to encourage the Christians in Italy.


“It was wonderful,” Florence church member Julie Weible said.


Purpose-filled life: Family at Florence church inspires
Written by Janet Orgain


FLORENCE, ITALY — These three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.


On a typical Sunday morning at the Florence Church of Christ, friends and family pile into the domed church building with greetings, smiles and laughter. Ladies file in and take their seats.


Boys dressed in their Sunday best scuffle and play together, and, without fail, a jubilant 12-year-old girl with short brown hair and a big smile makes her way through the crowd, hugging and kissing everyone in her path. This bright-eyed brunette is Michela.


Thirteen years ago, when Luigi and Julie Giordano arrived at the hospital for the third time, they knew something was wrong. After multiple ultrasounds and dozens of diagnoses, doctors delivered information that was sure to change the couple’s life forever.

The tortoise and the Duke: Cosimo Medici's favorite symbol
Written by Sarah J Kyle

FLORENCE, ITALY — The city of Florence is immersed in Medici symbolism. While many know the significance of the six-dotted symbol of the Medici family, few tourists are aware of other Medici symbols.


HUF students participate in market scavanger hunt
Written by Penelope Cronk

Harding students studying abroad in Italy this spring had the opportunity to experience the Italian market in a special way March 6.

View the video above to see part of Ryan Rummage's experience. (Video by Sammi Bjelland)

Markets provide unique experience
Written by James Buce and Chris O'Dell
Markets possess unique experience
By Chris O’Dell and James Buce
When exploring the town of Florence, the main attraction of the city is the Cathedral of Florence or the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.
The church is more commonly known as the Duomo and is a 13th century cathedral designed by Filippo Brunelleschi following a long search for the right architect for the job.
Although the Duomo is a spectacular sight to see, the streets surrounding the city are where life begins. Filled with merchants and craftsmen, the streets are booming with tourists and deal seekers.
The market at Santa Maria Novella is filled with many unique products, as well as unique merchants. Juan Lorenzo, an owner of a shop at Santa Maria Novella, sells a wide variety of Fiorentina soccer apparel. Lorenzo said the market near the Duomo is a great place for business.
e;"> “I like selling here because many tourists pass by here every day on there way to the Cathedral,” Lorenzo said.
Lorenzo, a life-long soccer fan, sells mostly jerseys and shirts of the local soccer team, but also Italian and Florentine flags.
“Many locals come looking for flags to bring to the games,” Lorenzo said.
Lorenzo is just one of the many merchants who chooses to sell outside of the Duomo and the merchandise is just as unique as each of the merchants.
Other than soccer apparel, there are numerous leather shops, shoe stores, clothing stores and jewelry shops. Some store owners might look to sell knock-off products such as Rolex watches, Armani jackets and Louis Vuitton purses for a low price. However, there are numerous bargains to be found throughout the market place.
Sitting within eye shot of a 13th century cathedral, merchants haggle and sell their products to the tourists. It is a unique market compared to anything found in the United States.
In the U.S. many of our monuments are held in with a sacred regard, so having a shopping center on the same corner would not likely happen.
In Florence however, having the Santa Maria Novella down from the Duomo makes for an experience that is unreachable in the states

When exploring the town of Florence, the main attraction of the city is the Cathedral of Florence or the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.

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