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HUF homework sends students to Scandicci Market
Written by Kimberley M Kokernot

FLORENCE, ITALY—Homework traditionally entails sitting behind a desk, textbook in hand—but for students at HUF,  homework often involves a hands-on experience in Italy. To take the Italian language out of the classroom, HUF students were asked to apply their knowledge in the Scandicci Market on Saturday, March 6.

View photo slide show above. (Photos by Abby Kellett)
Feature: The Duomo
Written by Gabrielle Pruitt and Michelle Cascio

Ask anyone: the Duomo is one of the best sites to see while in Florence, Italy.

Students at HUF enjoying some down time.
HUF students entertain themselves during down time at Villa
Written by Sammi Bjelland
Many college students complain of boredom, but is it possible to be bored in a foreign country? I have often wondered if students that did Harding University's overseas programs ever grew tired of living in small quarters with the same people for three months at a time.
During my recent trip to Harding University in Florence, also known as HUF, I learned that although they are far from home, there are innumerous activities for the students. A lot of this entertainment comes right from the Villa where they live. According to HUF student, Joanna Blake, the amount of things to do is never ending.
"If you get bored you just sleep to catch up," said Blake.
However, by the sounds of it, there is rarely a time when the students are bored.
"For most of us, our classes here on the easier side of the spectrum. On downtime, a lot of us just hang out and get to know people," said sophomore HUF student, Riley Walling.
Walling described the many activities that go on at the Villa when they aren't traveling the Tuscan countryside. The group stays active by playing basketball most nights, working out and even boxing on a newly purchased punching bag that resides in the basement. They can also ride bikes that are offered available at the Villa.
If the students aren't feeling active they enjoy some quiet time reading a variety of books. The reading selections vary from inspirationals, like "The Jesus You Never Knew" all the way to the romantic, heart breaker "Dear John."
This time of quiet is also used for uploading pictures online for their family and friends and watching their favorite shows they might be missing from back home. On top of the many means of entertainment they enjoy, the HUF kids also utilize this time to inspect the kitchen.
"We sometimes raid the kitchen, even though we're not supposed to," said Blake.
They can also be productive with their time and make some money working at the Villa. After dinner they are given the chance to earn about five dollars an hour doing dishes or helping clean up.
With all there is to do around the Villa, it is no wonder this program gets such high acclaim from the students that attend it.

FLORENCE, ITALY — Many college students complain of boredom, but is it possible to be bored in a foreign country?

The Florentine Rowdies: Italy soccer fans cheer team
Written by Janet Orgain

FLORENCE, ITALY — A packed stadium, thousands of jeering fans, five thousand waving flags, a jumbo-tron scoreboard on both ends and a “futbol.” An NFL game? Texas vs. A&M? Tennessee vs. Florida?


No. It’s the age-old rivalry of Florence vs. Juventus soccer extravaganza.


Gallos pizzeria provides delicious, authentic Italian pizza
Written by Michelle Cascio and Gabrielle Pruitt

All'insegna del Gallo, or simply Gallos (pronounced GALL-os), is a favorite pizzeria of many HUF students. With so many different types of pizza, it's easy to tell why.
Professor walks HUF hill for first time
Written by Stephen H Goodale

Click the video to hear Harding University Communication Professor Jim Miller express excitement on riding the bus and walking up the hill to the HUF Villa for the first time.


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